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Anand Singh Sisodiya

"Your  failures are the virtual parts of your wings that makes you fly to the Highest of your dreams."

"I work as a Researcher in 'THE SELF STORY'. I dream to become a worthy human being who can be of great help to others. I dare to challenge the obstacles on my way to success. I believe in do or die thought process. If you want to achieve what you desire in life ,you have to work hard your mind ,body and soul to accomplish your goals in life. I wish to take 'The Self Story' to greater heights of success with my contribution and hardwork.

Ritika Kulshreshtha

"Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought"

Hello people!

I'm Ritika Kulshrestha, don't try to pronounce it again! 

Short girl with a long name. Passionate about management. I am a researcher in The Self Story,  as I love to keep myself informed with the new happenings.

Rishika Chaurasia

Awesome sauce! Smart cookie! Lively!

Hello Mitron!

Being a first-gen law student, I believe that every person has a different story to tell and, every story inspires us. Real-life happenings can teach us a priceless lesson. I'm a content creator of THE SELF STORY. My primary writing focus is on the article, and blogs, but I am always open to other areas of writing. When I am not writing, you can find me having my tea or cat-nap! That's all about me. :)

Stay safe! Stay healthy!

Rashi Chaurasia

"Paying attention to patience will pay you later"

I'm a 16-year-old student and content creator. My ambition is to become an entrepreneur and contribute to social welfare. I enjoy inspirational real-life fiction as it really inspires me to find hope in every difficult situation and to stay focused on my goals. In my spare time, I enjoy reading books and learning something new to help me develop my skills.

Aanchal Chaurasia
(Graphic Designer)

“Sugar & Spice, Everything’s Nice”

Hi There! 
A bit about me :

I’m a 23 year old graphic and fashion & lifestyle accessories designer graduated from National Institute of fashion Technology, passionate about bridging gap between people and their goal. I love to draw since I was a child and that hobby of mine headed me to the design field. I fell in love with graphic design in 2016 and relationship still continues! 

Anish Choudhary
(Graphic/Visual/Website Designer)

Obsessed with exploring the world of websites without blinking an eye till I sleep!
I design and develop beautiful websites for small and medium business. I’ve been on the road for more than 1000+ days and still exploring and learning new things each passing day. I’ve tried my hands on video editing and surprised that my hands could do that too. I’ve been able to edit videos for budding DJs and Rappers and looking forward to work more.

In my spare time, I can be found playing PUBG looking for level three bag, helmet and vest!

Nice to meet you stranger!

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