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Have you ever pondered about sharing stories of your life?  We know that real-world experiences can teach us valuable life lessons. One says that as we heal ourselves, we also heal others. 

Through THE SELF STORY, we single-minded and determined young team raised the same notion: to uplift unheard and unsaid awe-inspiring real-life tales. Under one sky, we share every experience, from falling in love to broken hearts and from success to failure. We know talking about personal stories and experiences is not a cakewalk. But by sharing your experiences with others, you can become the most ideal person in their life, and others will also take the courage to open up with their stories. Here we hope you have made your mind up your mind to share your story, to bring the difference in someone's life. Bravo!

Besides, we strive to make people aware of self-security and awareness. Internet is boundless, due to which it often provides incorrect information. People need to be alert and aware of their protection, for which we provide information about public security and self-defense from verified and reliable sources. 

Yeah! That would be all. You've got all the way down here, which is rather impressive. You must share your story and inspire us.

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