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Meet Mehrunnisha Shokat Ali, First Woman Bouncer in the Country.

Growing up in a large family in the northern rural town of Saharanpur, 200 kilometers (124 miles) from Delhi, she aspired to join the army or become a police officer, but her highly orthodox father was opposed her idea.

Mehrunnisha Shokat Ali, who is joking with clients and coworkers, could be mistaken for any other patron of the Social, a trendy Hauz Khas neighbourhood watering hole in the Indian capital.

Her kohl-rimmed eyes, though, give away her true occupation as she stands with arms folded on the edge of the dancefloor in an all-black dress, watching couples bob and twirl to the music. She is Social's well-known female bouncer.

Mehrunnisha has been a bouncer for nearly a decade, and for the last three years, she has worked 10-hour night shifts at Social, a restaurant and co-working space that seating 220 people by day and turns into a busy club at night. Mehrunnisha is now an expert at breaking up bar fights, frisking female clients, and locating illegal substances.

The 3-year-career old's highlights include working as a bodyguard for Bollywood stars such as Priyanka Chopra, the star of the American television drama series Quantico, Preity Zinta, and Vidya Balan.


| Breaking The Patriarchal Norms |
Did you know Mehrunisha - the first Indian female bouncer?
Hard to believe right!  As society and orthodoxy have defined specific areas in which a woman can define herself, but wait! Isn't it putting together a broken piece of those so-called pseudo-facts? Yes!! you are thinking right. Still, some people have these falsehoods in their mindset. Do share with them & amaze them. Your one share can improve the thought process of our society.
"Constant Small changes make drastic turns."
Motivation is needed for the work we do & you can do that for us by like, share, and follow. Go ahead! Don't stop yourself from a Bonafide contribution made in the process of making you superior by your thought.
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