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                 SHEROES HANGOUT: SHE + HEROES




Sheroes Hangout is an Indian cafe and community run by acid attack survivors. It aims to raise awareness concerning acid attacks and to empower acid attack survivors. Alok Dixit of Stop Acid Attacks, a non-profit community-based in New Delhi, opened the first cafe in Agra on December 10, 2014. 




Many women who work in the Sheroes led isolated lives and struggled with shame and trauma before working in the cafe. Following the attacks, they struggled with finding a job, faced embarrassment over their physical appearance, and sometimes dealt with family or community pressure to remain silent about their attacks. As a result, Sheroes Hangout provided a haven for women to find acceptance, community, and a source of income. Some of the survivors of the acid attack who works in the cafe are:

  • Laxmi Agarwal (Face of the c)
  • Rupa 
  • Ritu Saini
  • Gita Mahor
  • Neetu Mahor
  • Chanchal Kumari




Riding the success of an Agra Cafe run by acid-attack survivors, the fearless women have decided to spread their wings and bring their success to three other cities, including the national capital, Delhi. The other two locations are Lucknow and Kanpur.

The concept of the cafe is unique in that the prices are not fixed. People are free to pay whatever they want.



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