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The Self Story
Rape Crisis in India: A Nightmare

“The real healing was achieved when I started to sincerely believe I’m not responsible for what happened to me.” -Keith, Survivor


Do you remember the Nirbhaya Rape Case (2012), Unnao Rape Case (2017), the Kathaua rape case (2018), and the Hyderabad rape-murder case (2019), that has shaken up the people badly, and everyone broke down into tears? Have you ever pondered that why rape cases rise every year even after having strict laws in India? This blog aims to aware the readers of rape cases in India by providing relevant statistics and data. It also highlighted the reasons behind unreported rape cases. Along with highlighting the problem, the article also talks about the possible solutions as every 


What is Rape? 


According to the Britannica, “Rape, unlawful sexual activity, most often involving sexual intercourse, against the will of the victim through force or the threat of force or with an individual who is incapable of giving legal consent because of minor status, mental illnessmental deficiency, intoxication, unconsciousness, or deception. In many jurisdictions, the crime of rape has been subsumed under that of sexual assault”. It can put a lasting imprint on one's life, leading to social and emotional diseases in the future. It is a heinous crime that needs strict punishment. 


Are you aware of the following fact?


According to shocking statistics, a woman is raped every 16 minutes somewhere in India, and every four minutes a woman tend to suffer brutality at the hands of her in-laws.


According to a study conducted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation in 2018, India was ranked the most unsafe country for women.


Rape is the fourth most prevalent crime against women in India.


According to the annual 2019 NCRB data, the total crime rate against women in Uttar Pradesh is the highest (15.3 percent), followed by Rajasthan and Maharashtra.


The NCRB recorded 32,033 rape cases, which adds up to 88 rape incidents every day. Shockingly, this is only 10% of the total crime, which means 90% of cases go unreported.


According to data from the National Crime Records Bureau from 2017, 93 percent of all rapes in India are committed by someone known to the victim. These individuals might be family members, friends, neighbours, employers, or even internet mates.


The NCRB data are noteworthy as they reveal that in many situations, victims do not approach the police to report a rape or sexual assault.


Why Rape cases remain unreported?


Thousands of women hold their tongue because of the mentioned reasons:

  • Lack of information and awareness,
  • fear of societal shame
  • Patriarchal Norm
  • Family pressure on the victim.
  • Future concerns
  • Death threats
  • The unfavourable environment at the police station
  • They even pressured to pull back their complaints


The people who all have read the above reasons mainly women, remember your silence can provoke the culprit to commit other crimes that can end up the life of another innocent person. So, raise your voice to bring up justice, do not let the culprit take advantage of your silence.




Reach out to the following organization for women that assist women in obtaining legal justice and encourage them to take control of their life. Many of them even helping the women for filing the case. 


1. National Commission for Women (NCW)

In January 1992, the National Commission for Women was established as a statutory body to analyse the Constitutional and Legal protection for women.

Women can reach out for help by contacting the cell on the provided numbers, mail, and links. 


ü     Contact: +91-11-26944880, +91-11-26944883

ü     Email: complaintcell-ncw@nic.in

ü     Visit National Commission for Women’s website here


2. Women Helpline (All India)

The women helpline number was established to address inquiries and complaints about instances involving and causing misery to any woman in India.


ü     Contact: 1091


3. Guria India

Guria India is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) with 36 members dedicated to combating the sexual abuse of women and children. 


ü     Contact: 91-542-2504253

ü     Email: info@guriaindia.org

ü     Visit Guria India’s site here.


4. The Prajnya Trust

The Pranjya Trust is a community made up mostly of volunteers who work to support women who have been victims of gender-based or sex-based abuse. Reach out to them!

ü     Contact: +914424811255

ü     Email: prajnyatrust@gmail.com

ü     Visit Pranjya’s website here


5. International Center for Research on Women

Regional offices for the International Center for Research on Women are located in New Delhi and Mumbai, respectively. ICRW is determined that equal opportunities for women contribute to the formation of a more progressive society.


ü     Contact: 011 4664 3333

ü     Email: info.india@icrw.org

ü    You can visit the International Center for Research on Women’s website here


These are some organizations; many other NGOs are out there helping women in all possible ways. Reach out for help, and raise your voice now to get justice in a country that values equality and the protection of women.


Reach out for further help.


The given is the link to the form that is needed to be filled out to register the complaint.  http://ncwapps.nic.in/onlinecomplaintsv2/frmPubRegistration.aspx 


Here is the guideline to fill the form, please refer to it.  http://ncwapps.nic.in/onlinecomplaintsv2/frmPubRegistration.aspx



“Rape is the only crime in India for which the victim is blamed” -Journalist Priyanka Dubey, in her book “No Nation for Women — Reporting on Rape from India, The World's Largest Democracy. 







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