From Rs 70K to Rs 300 Crore Luxury Pre-Owned Car Business, Success Story of Big BoyToyz (BBT) Jatin Ahuja


In a recent interview, Jatin Ahuja, Founder and CEO of Big Boy Toyz, discusses his business venture and how he accomplished his ambition with a loan of Rs 70,000.

Popular personalities such as Indian Cricket Team captain Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, as well as Bollywood stars such as Neha Dhupia and Preity Zinta, are all customers and fans of the man who provided them with their pre-owned luxury car.

During the lockdown in April 2020, when the sale of new vehicles, particularly passenger automobiles, was practically nothing, BBT sold 12 luxury cars valued roughly Rs 13 crore.

The firm has showrooms in Gurugram, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. BBT's adventure began in 2009, when Jatin founded the company at the age of 23.

Jatin Ahuja, who was born in the family of a chartered accountant, studied mechanical engineering and received his MBA from Delhi University. He put his car-renovation skills to use and began working seriously on his company plan. Big Boy Toyz began in 2009 with a Rs 70,000 loan from his father and a modest studio in Delhi. A staff of roughly 150 individuals now works under the umbrella, where pre-owned luxury cars are conveniently accessible at a single location.


Starting Business Amid 2005 Mumbai Floods

In his first deal, a Mercedes-Benz that had been damaged in the Mumbai floods was sold for Rs 25 lakhs in 2005. Following this, Jatin focused on the new mobile number together with the auto company, and in 2006, noting the need for fancy mobile numbers, he purchased 1200 SIM cards with the 99999 series, earning him Rs 24 lakhs in business and crores in 2007. Jatin entered the    pre-owned luxury car business at a time when premium car dealers were hesitant to join the Indian market, but Jatin was confident in himself and had been cultivating his entrepreneurial passion for years.


Customer Base of Over 6,000 in India

After 2009, Jatin didn't look back and has since supplied cars to over 6,000 people in various cities across India. According to Jatin, every BBT vehicle is subjected to a 151-point inspection before being put on the market. The company claims to be India's largest pre-owned automobile dealer and has been named Asia's most promising car dealer by CMO Asia in Singapore. Along with BMW and Mercedes-Benz in BBT, cars such as the Lamborghini Gallardo, Aventador, Bentley GT / GTC, and Range Rovers are in high demand. In addition to these vehicles, the company sells used vehicles from additional luxury manufacturers such as Rolls Royce, Maserati, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and Bentley.

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